School Wellness May – Spring, renewal……change

As I sit here, inside, I hear noises outside.                

Life is happening, the day, another one is unfolding. The sun has yet to come up yet the birds are making such a noise.  Even my cat Ali knows that “somethings” up.   Although having gone outside for a treat while being carried on and occasion or two or even snuck, in typical cat way, through the door to be quickly snatched up from the deck and brought back inside, she knows there is something exciting happening.

Spring is unfolding and yes it is exciting.  Renewal.   Growth.  Freshness.  Even change.  With little resistance we anticipate, invite and welcome this time of the year.  My first thought to share with you is to invite you apply this same thought to changes in life.

In following the 80/20 principal we don’t have to be perfect.  As parents (of children of any age), teachers, lifelong educators and learners remember that how we speak, act and manage our life is being observed.  Our family is in the process of creating a list, perhaps one or two from each family member, of values.  Values, those that are most important to each family member, than actively creating our lives and day to day living around those values.

With healthy living being a priority for us and my personal knowledge and experience that echo Hippocrates, “let food by thy medicine” I would like to recap the purpose of food.

THE PURPOSE OF FOOD…….The body uses food to perform one or more of four main functions: to supply energy, for growth and repair, for regulation and for protection.

Energy      Food supplies the fuel or energy needed to perform the many tasks of everyday living. We need energy to think, breathe, walk, sit, speak and even sleep. We get energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It is important that we eat enough food to supply all our needs. If we don’t, we will feel tired and listless. Having no energy can be compared to a car that has run out of petrol. On the other hand, if we eat more energy food than our body needs, this energy will be stored in the body as fat. Too much stored energy will result in the body becoming overweight or obese.

Growth and repair     Food provides the materials needed to build, repair and maintain body tissues. Proteins, fats and minerals are the best nutrients for growth. Growing bodies need extra amounts of these nutrients. Every person, whether growing or not, is going through a continual repair process of replacing injured or dead cells. It is food that supplies the nutrients necessary for this process.

 Regulation     Food supplies the substances that help regulate the body’s processes. Water, vitamins and minerals help regulate breathing, the nervous system, digestion, blood circulation and the elimination of waste products from the body. They help keep all the systems in the body working properly.

Protection     Vitamins, minerals and protein keep the body’s tissues and organs healthy. Healthy organs are less likely to be attacked by disease.

With that in mind, it’s very exciting to see many families getting involved in home gardens.  Getting food into our bodies as close to “from the source” as possible ensures that our energy, growth and repair, regulation, protection needs are being met.

As with a garden that you start to tend to, dis-ease and un-wellness in plants is so very easy to see, or when a child is not progressing along well in math.  It’s clear that a piece of the puzzle is missing. The same can be said with our bodies.  The signs maybe subtle, but they’re there.  A quick read to identify the 5 Signs of Vitamin Deficiency in Children

With many of you gathering seeds to grow healthy nutritious food for your family I invite you think about and embrace a concept in raising a child (and yourself) to be, rather than THE BEST, the best you can possibly be.  Just as your garden will need sunlight, water, weeding; recognize the seeds for your (and your families) wellness:

Sleep    Emotions   Exercise    Diet   Supplements

Getting that healthy fresh nutrition into our bodies is fun, easy and family time bonding.  The ideas and recipes are continually “growing”.  Be sure to check them out here and feel free to share your ideas.

Now is the time to live fresh, live well.

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