Emotional Eating, I get it!

Emotional Eating…….I get it!  I’m Italian, meals are important to us.  Family time together.  Unlike some, my emotional eating is connected with good things. Celebrations!  Family time.  And as I progressed in my Bodybuilding career, food was connected with success, purpose, intention.

Even as I raised my family breakfast and lunch resembled more of a drive through sort of kitchen.  BUT , supper/dinner together was not optional.  To this day our dinner is a time of gathering, sharing the day, giving thanks for all the nourishment (food and other).  It’s a time of family community building.  The planning, shopping, preparation, cleaning  up.  We say grace – dinner even has a level spiritual.

When you come to dine with us, you come to our shrine.

To deny the fact that our emotions are attached to food is one of this first biggest lies we tell ourselves.  Recognize it, bask in it and just simply and easily…….MAKE GOOD CHOICES!

The FOOD MATTERS people have numerous videos.  Check out this one.

When your done that one, check out what the medical society says about filling in the gaps of our food.

Take control of your food, take control of your emotions.

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