Flourless (Glut Free) Chickpea Cake

In being new to the flourless/glut free world, my library of recipes is limited.  Well, how about nil!  In having a friend that has both a passion for cooking and an extensive library I have learned to trust his suggestions. This one is yet another gem.  Seriously,  I am running out of adjectives to describe … Continue reading Flourless (Glut Free) Chickpea Cake

Chocolate Gluten Free Chickpea Cake

Ha, I switched the words of the name of this recipe around just a touch.  I figured Chocolate would catch your eye first. Although there is that very small percentage that does not enjoy chocolate, most do. Secondly, you will find Gluten Free.  It seems to be a growing trend to implement into everyday lifestyles. … Continue reading Chocolate Gluten Free Chickpea Cake