EWG’s Safe Sunscreen Guide 2012

Summer time! With growing season it’s the perfect time to make healthier food choices.   With longer days, outdoor living and loads of Vit  D from the sun.

Regardless of  where you are in your health journey I think it’s fair to say that everyone wants to improve and protect their health when it comes to the sun.

I hope your knowledge of the value of the liver and it’s role in managing health has grown and your concern about protection from the sun has you thinking about purchasing the safest product.

BE SURE to check out their “Hall of Shame” list a get these out of your beach bag!!


Does your sunscreen actually protect your family? Or are the claims just marketing hype?

Only a quarter of the more than 800 beach and sports sunscreens analyzed by Environmental Working Group for our 2012 Sunscreen Guide meet our standards for effectiveness and safety. But we’re happy to report that’s actually progress! The sunscreen industry is taking notice. This time last year we could only recommend 20 percent of the sun protection products we evaluated, and in 2010 it was even worse: just 1-in-12.

You demanded that the market offer you better options, and sunscreen makers listened. To keep up the momentum, we need you to keep demanding improved sunscreens. One-in-four is better than last year, but it’s not good enough for your family.

A quarter of this year’s products still contain vitamin A ingredients that accelerate the growth of skin tumors and lesions on sun-exposed skin, according to recent government studies. Also, 56 of the products we reviewed had no active ingredients that protect against the sun’s damaging UVA rays. And the industry continues to load store shelves with sunscreens that claim misleading, sky-high SPF ratings that may protect against sunburn-causing UVB rays but leave skin vulnerable to UVA.

Sort through the sunscreen noise – click here for EWG’s 2012 Sunscreen Guide.

You’ll find:


The choices you make today will affect your well being of tomorrows.

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