Dry spells/Scarcity or Abundance/Flow

How do you handle “dry spells” “scarcity” in your life?

I have to admit that in writing this post it was a challenge to organize my thoughts.  Where to start?  The chicken and egg thing.  My thoughts start at hoarding.  We’ve all, at some point, seen the tv shows where we get a peek into the lives and (ugh) homes of people that suffer from this mind set.

Whether it be in love/relationships, food, “things”, money; hoarding and scarcity are not a healthy choice in life.  This hoarding has nothing to do with “collecting” some of our favorite things in life but everything to do with fear and scarcity.  Lack of trust comes to mind as well.

There have been a couple of metaphors in my life where I witness this.

My rain barrels:  The reasons behind using two of them are economics; I see a direct relation to the minimal amount of my water bill during the summer months.  I think it’s kind of neat that something that comes to us for FREE can be gathered and be put to good use.  So part of it is thrifty.  Thrift if you look it up in the dictionary means thriving, prosperous, successful, thriving physically, growing vigorously.  In gathering this liquid abundance I am reminded and am grateful as I know many parts of the world water is liquid gold.  Many have to walk miles to gather it and here, I have it right outside my door.

In trusting in “flow” and “voids being filled” my plants survived the week and now my barrels are filled back up.  “My cup runeth over”

I have seen the affects of hoarding in the way of food.  Those with the mind set of “feast or famine” are usually the ones with the most compromised health; inside and/or out.  The other metaphor in my life was with food.  Although mastering my weight and health years ago, the signs were not as visible.  The kids often laughed at the fact that my pantry resembled a bomb shelter.  “If there is ever an Apocalypse,we’ll be safe for months”

My freezer was a challenge to find anything.  I’d keep a running list of what was in there.  I thought I had a great system. When homemade burgers were the request for dinner, I’d just go to the list and see if they were in the frozen treasure chest.  Well sure this worked and was great if everyone conformed to my system; conformed to my level of fear and scarcity. In mastering my personal biggest challenge, TRUST (trust on many levels), a gradual progression occurred.  Living simpler has now created living more abundant.

Allow me to repeat, living simpler and living more abundant, they go hand in hand.  Now I’m not giving you permission to go out and “shop till you drop” but there is some value in the flow of finances as well.  Do you have the mind set of scarcity in your finances?  Yet you’re still chasing the pot of gold of financial freedom?  A couple of questions to ask yourself:  are you living within your means?  Or are you “overweight” in debt? In the words of T Harv Eker, which I have used here before, “What you do in anything you do in everything”.

Still to discuss on this topic are the spiritual sides, relationships/love and time management in relation to hoarding/scarcity thinking.  But I think you’re getting the concept.  You can now look and review where those are in your life.

Just for today; trust.  Create and be open to allowing flow in your life.



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