Stagnant Lymphatic system

I was left with a high level of curiosity after reading my daily “Health Tip”: "Letting the lymphatic system become stagnant leads to impaired immunity and a degenerative process because the body is not able to properly cleanse and replenish."        Martin Dayton, M.D., D.O. Stagnant anything I knew is not a good thing.  Applying it … Continue reading Stagnant Lymphatic system

Oh Christmas Tree, the lessons you taught me

In thinking in a metaphorically way, this morning I sit looking at our Christmas tree that “made it through the night”.  It’s still standing! The ceremonial erecting of it occurred last night.  It all started with much excitement and anticipation.  Although it was tightly roped closed we could tell that it was a beauty and … Continue reading Oh Christmas Tree, the lessons you taught me

The No Money or Mistletoe Gift……..hugs

With one of the most joyous times of the year upon us I have learned a valuable lesson from one of my teenage daughters.  Something that each and every one of us will be seeing a lot of in our lives over the next month…hugs. “Geesh”, I said to her as I hugged her and … Continue reading The No Money or Mistletoe Gift……..hugs


Of the many things that I am enjoying about being back in class are the doors that are opening in the way of knowledge. With a client asking information of me, one of my first resources is our instructor. In my last message to her I was inquiring about her knowledge of krill oil.  Her … Continue reading THE BATTLE OF THE CRUSTACEAN and FISH

One fish, two fish, good fish (oil), bad fish (oil)

Because Bad Fish Oil looks the same as Good Fish Oil…..there is always the fish oil freezer test………. I’d like to put the urgency of vit D aside for just a moment and talk about fish oils.  I can remember as a kid that even consuming a Mediterranean Diet we were routinely treated to the … Continue reading One fish, two fish, good fish (oil), bad fish (oil)

“Diet” Licensing

This is a term I recently came across.   Although it’s something we have all done or practiced, it now has a name. Have you ever gone on a “diet” or “done a program” that after a commitment of a period of time you tell yourself “gosh, I’ve worked hard I’m going to have this such … Continue reading “Diet” Licensing

Food Matters   "FOOD MATTERS"   Because it does! A great documentary about food and the power of it on our health. For those of you that know me, know that my television viewing is almost non existent.  Even more so during the week.  With only being able to watch snippets of it so far as it … Continue reading Food Matters

How to Optimize Your Nutrition for Vibrant Health

Confused about nutrition? Don't be. The path to better health is simple-and agreed upon by almost all scientists. In this UltraWellness podcast, Dr. Mark Hyman explains how to optimize your nutrition and which supplements are crucial for vibrant health.! How does a Health and Wellness Coach differ from a Nutritionist or Trainer? There are … Continue reading How to Optimize Your Nutrition for Vibrant Health