On this particular morning I awoke looking for some source of inspiration.  Not feeling "down" or anything.  It's just a feeling I get on an occasion or two.  My antenna goes out there.  "Hmmm, what's up with the day.  I'm feeling somethings going on but I just can't seem to grasp it". Being of a … Continue reading Antenna

Stagnant Lymphatic system

I was left with a high level of curiosity after reading my daily “Health Tip”: "Letting the lymphatic system become stagnant leads to impaired immunity and a degenerative process because the body is not able to properly cleanse and replenish."        Martin Dayton, M.D., D.O. Stagnant anything I knew is not a good thing.  Applying it … Continue reading Stagnant Lymphatic system

Become a Liver Lover

The liver.  That childhood food, that if cooked the right way, was a tolerable once a month family dinner. My other childhood memory of “the liver” was that people occasionally perished from liver disease that was usually associated with a level of alcoholism.  That’s it!  That was my experience of the liver. A couple of … Continue reading Become a Liver Lover


Friends, readers, passer bys……….this is such important information to share. Let’s start with the visual.  A couple of weeks ago I viewed a youtube video that has really had me thinking and observing my life. As I watched it for the first time I laughed at times.  But mostly, I thought as I watched “wow, … Continue reading RUSHING…….