On this particular morning I awoke looking for some source of inspiration.  Not feeling “down” or anything.  It’s just a feeling I get on an occasion or two.  My antenna goes out there.  “Hmmm, what’s up with the day.  I’m feeling somethings going on but I just can’t seem to grasp it”.

Being of a high energy creative sort I have learned to allow more flow and less resistance.  I have also learned, in a huge way, to trust.  Trust that in doing what I do and being who I am “all is well” .  I AM living on purpose and design.

In going on auto-pilot, by 8 am I have done my morning workout, cooked some quinoa for burgers to be stashed in the freezer, cooked some brown rice and marinated tofu for dinner this eve, started the morning task of simmering the soaked overnight legumes for healthy lunches over the next couple of days.

I have two books on the go.  One is focused around health, Accidentally Overweight” by Dr.Libby Weaver and the other is an autobiography written by an outstanding speaker we heard on Saturday evening, Carol Kornacki (A Soul For Sale).  In spending over an hour and killing off half the book last night, I think this is what left me looking for that “source” this morning.

As in most situations, what we need is never EVER too far from us.

The other morning “to do” was to send my youngest off to a day shopping in the States with some friends.  A HA!  That’s it.  In being grateful for not over-scheduling my kids she has a carefree spontaneous day planned.

We can choose to let our memories, not so good ones,  of the past hold us down and back and captive.  Or we can choose to remember the fond memories and create beautiful days.

I remember back to May, where I spent the day at the Track and Field event.  As I was there, I couldn’t help reflect on a month, a month I call Magnificent May!  It was a truly a magnificent month.  Other than Mothers Day smack dab in the middle it was a month of observing kids achieve greatness on many levels.

As our kids grow and our lives, sometimes it is in allowing them to be, get busy; we simply don’t have or take the time to watch kids play.  Coming out to the track and field or even cross country event you witness this play.  To watch kids run is so satisfying.  They have that ability to make work play and play work.  Listening to that internal voice they do is so naturally.  As they cross their finish lines exhausted they smile, then it’s off refuel their bodies play some more.

With the summer holidays approaching I like to encourage that same “play” for our children. Unstructured, self directed play time for kids is of great value.  In my childhood I remember spending hours upon hours (well, it felt like anyhow) at my grandparents while Dad worked.  With my grandparents speaking very little English it did get a bit boring.  With and through that boredom I discover one of my short lived loves and talents; drawing.  I would sketch any and everything in front of me.  When that was mastered I’d go back to the garden and sketch there.  I remember days just sitting and watching the sun as it would move down the street, in and out of the clouds the reflection would stream and flow like a wave.  Funny thing when you’re living in the moment; although I am sure there were some, I don’t remember any rainy days for those summers.

My grandparents also taught me the many marvels of the garden.  My summer went by nature’s time line.  I knew the time by when it was time to harvest what.   I watched in awe as my grandfather could open a peach in half, WITH HIS BARE HANDS!  Clean off the pit!  I felt the power of my breath that after picking a bowl full of cherries off the tree, who could get the seed the furthest!

Go to “that line”.  Create “that line”. “The line” of boredom so that our kids are encouraged to tap into their talents.  In all the scheduling from September – June our kids may be missing out on discovering who they really are and what they can really do.

I’d like to share this video on 9 year old Caine and what his talent is; Caine’s Arcade (

Take the time folks.  Create a life where you can sit and enjoy these summer days that along with such beautiful weather, abundant gardens you can hear and see the laughter of children.

UPDATE:  from the time I wrote this post and first “met” Caine, there is now a Caine’s Arcade 2!  Imagination Foundation and a cardboard challenge.  Oct 6th, come together and play.

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