Friends, readers, passer bys……….this is such important information to share.

Let’s start with the visual.  A couple of weeks ago I viewed a youtube video that has really had me thinking and observing my life.

As I watched it for the first time I laughed at times.  But mostly, I thought as I watched “wow, who hid the camera in my kitchen”?  Although not constant, there are numerous times when this has been me, THIS has been my life.

So watch the video first then we’ll talk more:  JUST A LITTLE HEART ATTACK

What did you think?  Can you relate?  Now the scary question, how often is this your world?

On the weekend I had the good fortune to hear Dr.Libby Weaver talk about liver health.  She has caught my attention for several reasons, reasons I will explain in a later post when I share info on what’s going on with our liver.  The point is she caught my attention.

Armed with an awareness (Many women think heart disease is a man’s problem, but heart disease is very much a woman’s problem. Did you know that heart disease is the #1 killer of women in North America?  Never mind breast or any other cancer) I’m paying attention.  I THOUGHT my life was balanced.

THEN, along came Dr.Libby’s Rushing Womens Syndrome Test.  

I did the test last night.  Got to love tangible!  My score was a shocking 34!  In going to bed I was concerned to the point it was the first thing I thought of as I rose this morning. 

BUT, but but.  In believing that our lives are created out of choices I am going to focus on one of the biggies (higher scores) at a time.  You don’t have to be a Holistic Health Coach BUT you can access their knowledge and experience. We recognize that there are many areas (spiritual, nutrition (food and supplements), thoughts, relationships, exercise, time management) that manifest in our health and have access to pulling all the pieces together. 

IF you have watched the video, IF you have taken the test, IF you want to make better choices, join me on the “Journey of Mastery the Rushing”.

 Through clarity we will identify your “biggies” and one by one bring those scores down.  Through mentoring and accountability and in the trenches doing (with calmness) in three months your life will be different, your health will be better. 

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