“Funeral – Remember the first 3 letters”

“Remember the first 3 letters in Funeral” I’m sure someone else said it first.  But today I heard it for the first time.  I will always remember where I heard it and the circumstances.  A place, with circumstances that I have visited just a little too often lately. As Father prepared to read the Gospel … Continue reading “Funeral – Remember the first 3 letters”

Crazy for Croquettes

As of late I have been crazy about croquettes. The biggest challenge for me in feeding a family is to get sources of protein into my children.  With my background as a competitive bodybuilder I can simply open a can of tuna or salmon or grab a cup full of leftover chicken or turkey on … Continue reading Crazy for Croquettes

The Complete (and I mean COMPLETE) Guide to Fats and Oils – What to Cook With (or not), What to Avoid and Why

At the request of   "Real Food Digest" this helpful information has been deleted from this post. As one of the best resources/summaries of this very confusing and often misleading product line, I highly recommend that you check out the information on their site:     http://www.realfooddigest.com Updated Feb 7th.  A superb article in our local paper … Continue reading The Complete (and I mean COMPLETE) Guide to Fats and Oils – What to Cook With (or not), What to Avoid and Why

Hot Cereals and Toppings

Comfort foods…….how are they working for you? Rather than explain to you all the psychological and physiological reasons as to why we reach for comfort foods, I’d like to share with you tried tested and approved ways to enjoy comfort foods while staying within the guidelines.  The guidelines that will apply here are: low glycemic, … Continue reading Hot Cereals and Toppings

Your words and your health……

The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice. The way our children hear us talk to ourselves, can as well become their inner voice. It would be a lie to say that our children are not a mirror or image of ourselves. They have our genetics. Some children that even after years … Continue reading Your words and your health……

Dr.Oz and a cancer free world

My friends, readers, clients/once clients, neighbors and acquaintances, for you, I am so excited. Can you possibly imagine a world free of the scariest of all degenerative diseases.......cancer?  I can and have.  To some it may be a mystery how to stay out of "it's" grasp. Dr.Oz has some incredible news to share......here. If you … Continue reading Dr.Oz and a cancer free world

Nuclear fall out…….

Nuclear fall out. Are you experiencing what I like to call nuclear fall out in regards to the New Year? Nuclear fallout is when something good fails. Technically it’s the process that happens when the particles of matter in the air made radioactive from a nuclear explosion. Some of these particles fall in the immediate … Continue reading Nuclear fall out…….