Nuclear fall out…….

Nuclear fall out. Are you experiencing what I like to call nuclear fall out in regards to the New Year?

Nuclear fallout is when something good fails. Technically it’s the process that happens when the particles of matter in the air made radioactive from a nuclear explosion. Some of these particles fall in the immediate area and some get blown by upper winds many thousands of miles. Eventually they fall to the earth. This is called fallout.

Considering only 10% of the population has specific well-defined goals, 7 out of the 10 reach their goals only half of the time. The top 3 percent achieved their goals 89 percent of the time; we got some serious fallout happening in regards to the human race.

January can be plagued with “fallout”; people falling short of the change that needs to be made to create a better life. Along with some relationship and time management goals, the other biggies are finances and health. The New Year fallout happens when all our good intentions start to cease, get blow apart. Whatever seemed possible now seems impossible. The inspiration, motivation and plan has now been blown to pieces.

If your goal to improve your health, what are you waiting for? The “right “time? The “right” amount of money? The “right” program?

I am all for slowing down and doing nothing. Doing nothing is no cure for anything. When it comes to your health “nothing” can be deadly. In not being the sort of person who likes to instil the fear factor and with the availability of information on the internet (check out this graph) you already know the health risks related to extra weight.

IF your (or a loved ones) goal for this year was to improve their health, IF you have tried (and tired again), IF you are serious about committing and playing full out to loosing the weight (5 lbs or more) and improving your health, IF you know you deserve and are very close to feeling your best……it IS time.

Through all my years as a competitive body builder and my now as a Holistic Health Coach I have found only one program/lifestyle that really works for the long term…….low glycemic anti-inflammatory.

We at High Voltage Health have the tools for your health goals. The program is to feed your body and the support is to feed your goals.

Have a look at some of the success stories and let’s get you started…….

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