School Health March……Breakfast-Healthy Start

     We have said it and our parents before us did as well, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day.  But do we really know why?  Whether it is from more specialized testing, recognition of busy lifestyles or seeing the results more and more information is becoming available about the importance of this … Continue reading School Health March……Breakfast-Healthy Start


Friends, readers, passer bys……….this is such important information to share. Let’s start with the visual.  A couple of weeks ago I viewed a youtube video that has really had me thinking and observing my life. As I watched it for the first time I laughed at times.  But mostly, I thought as I watched “wow, … Continue reading RUSHING…….

Restorative Sleep

                                         The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand. Do you know what RESTORATIVE SLEEP is?  Most people do not.  They also do not know how the lack of this affects … Continue reading Restorative Sleep

The manifestation of ANGER

The past two evenings I have spent watching “The Marketing of Madness”.  What this post is about is the reality of what was shared, researched and documented in this film. In leaving the house this morning for a walk I met with an average looking man at our corner.  After a casual “good morning” I … Continue reading The manifestation of ANGER

Fluoride your health and your thyroid

February….heart month.  Let’s take a detour from the heart with a quick visit in at the thyroid. Ah the debate continues; Fluoride in the water or not! Here is a perfect case where the “some is good, more is better” philosophy definitely does NOT apply.  In my Holistic Health Coaching practice I have heard more … Continue reading Fluoride your health and your thyroid

ACIM Married to your thoughts

For quite some time I have heard about ACIM, A Course In Miracles. In getting some direction how to apply these teachings into my daily spiritual practice I made a commitment to following ACIM on a daily level. This site has been the best resource for me I must say that in starting my … Continue reading ACIM Married to your thoughts