The manifestation of ANGER

The past two evenings I have spent watching “The Marketing of Madness”.  What this post is about is the reality of what was shared, researched and documented in this film.

In leaving the house this morning for a walk I met with an average looking man at our corner.  After a casual “good morning” I proceeded to walk about 20 feet in front of him. With a minute I heard him start to curse, swear and talk very loudly to OR about someone or a circumstance in his life.

I started to get just a tad worried.  I do like to and can say that I believe that people are nice and mean well.  But let’s face it, random acts of violence do happen.  I started a prayer, a mantra.  “Dear God, whatever is troubling this man, please bless him.  Bless his life and his scars.  Help him to find answers and peace”.  Then I started to pray for myself, “keep me safe Dear Lord.  Protect me and my world from this man’s world”.  I did start to think about the information shared in “The Marketing of Madness” and how much of this man’s world is probably affected by psychotropic drugs in one way or another.

A couple of “phews” then occurred.  Firstly I spotted two police cruisers, which I knew its occupants were sure to be in a coffee shop across the street.  Secondly, the man crossed the street.  Although his inner thoughts brought outward were louder and he was now walking quite swiftly to be opposite me, I was calm and felt safe.

In approaching a corner I noticed the turned over mailbox in the picture.  “Whoa”, I thought.  “Now THERE’S an outward sign of someone’s anger, hurt or frustration.”  “What the heck could have prompted someone to be so distraught to do something like this”.

But then, oh then, I remembered my own world and experiences.  Ya know, I could have done this very same thing just two days ago.  Not only then, but once a couple of years ago as well when so overcome from frustration.  Frustration that no matter what good I did, no matter what decisions I made things were not going the way I had planned.  These feelings that built up in me that in smacking a wall I did indeed cracked the plaster.  I do remember that day so distinctly, not so much the circumstances and the specifics about it, but the awareness that came to me as I realized the strength and power that I allowed anger and frustration to present.  I was very grateful.  Grateful because if we could only SEE how these feelings, WHAT these feelings do to our insides we all might be better off.

Then just a year ago then same overwhelming situations presented themselves.  Yes, in talking to my doctor I was presented with the solution of “help”.  Help in the form of anti-depressants.  After great thought, I declined and implemented a healthier approach, which is listed below and can be easily shared in my Coaching practice.

Back to the mailbox……for several reasons I could not just walk past this act of vandalism in my community or even to try to show a sign of help if the participants happened to walk past again.  I proceeded to try to straighten it.  Surely it can’t be that heavy; it’s just a metal frame and due to it being a Sunday morning must be empty.  NOT quite so.  My feeble efforts left me unable to get it more than an inch off the ground.

“The man”, the very man that I just prayed for and about, the man that I asked to be protected by and was relieved when distance came between us, was yelling at me from across the street.  “Hey Deary, don’t do that on your own. Save your back.  Let me help you” LET ME HELP YOU!  I thought.  With a pleasant smile and conversation and a willingness to help, we, together, did it.  Lickety split!

So the lesson……oh gosh.  People, life happens.  We all have circumstance that whether with or without our control or choice can leave us hurt.  Hurt that reflects in our health, words or action.  Recognize when life doesn’t feel good, yes avoid “help” in that manner and connect with others and other ways.  People care and most will step up to help.

With much love and hope and trust……..have a wonderful Sunday.

Holistic Health Approach to Stress:

*keep the chemicals off and out of your body through your foods and what you put on your skin
*avoid, even all the hidden ones, sugars/fructose
*P.U.S.H  Pray Until Something Happens
*ASK  ASK  ASK – for help
*walk outside, alone  Nature is nurturing and speaks to you
*journal, particularly Gratitude Journals
*take vitamins (the only ones I trust)  BIOMEGA, VIT D, ESSENTIALS, PURE REST
*do what you love. If not for every minute of the day then at least change your perspective
*those that don’t support or “feed you” on a high level, avoid them like the plague!
*make playdough.  It’s less calories than cookies.

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