In heading out this morning with my small to do list I had already been contemplating "extreme". A commercial came on the radio, I don't recall what they were promoting, but the message was about art and having nature to inspire it. Painting, writing, drawing, "allow nature to inspire you" was the message. Needless to … Continue reading Osteoarthritis

Restorative Sleep

                                         The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand. Do you know what RESTORATIVE SLEEP is?  Most people do not.  They also do not know how the lack of this affects … Continue reading Restorative Sleep

Dr.Oz and a cancer free world

My friends, readers, clients/once clients, neighbors and acquaintances, for you, I am so excited. Can you possibly imagine a world free of the scariest of all degenerative diseases.......cancer?  I can and have.  To some it may be a mystery how to stay out of "it's" grasp. Dr.Oz has some incredible news to share......here. If you … Continue reading Dr.Oz and a cancer free world