Oh Christmas Tree, the lessons you taught me

In thinking in a metaphorically way, this morning I sit looking at our Christmas tree that “made it through the night”.  It’s still standing!

The ceremonial erecting of it occurred last night.  It all started with much excitement and anticipation.  Although it was tightly roped closed we could tell that it was a beauty and oh so tall.  Even after cutting off a good 6 inches it now stands with just half an inch to spare from our 9foot ceilings.

Cutting the stump ever so carefully to make sure it was straight, enough twine to anchor it just in case, the little pieces of board that get placed inside the screws to assist in stability.  Ready to go.  Everyone has a job.  With everyone in position, we carry it in and place it in the stand and start the process of anchoring it.  DAMN!  Time after time again we tried and still it leaned, unable to stand on its own.

This was very frustrating, the same thing as last year and the year before.  At one point it was good and getting to the rest of the evening I heard the familiar swish sound of it toppling to the side.  The definition of stupidity played over and over in my head.  It’s doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

In calling the troops back to the living room we’re all getting more annoyed that this just wasn’t working as we want.  “Why isn’t this working?!”  “What do I need to see!?”

Many would have chucked it out the door and ran to Canadian Tire for an artificial one.  I even contemplated calling a neighbour to assist.  That’s when I realized something about myself.  We all tend to take roles in our lives that hold us back from achieving a goal or vision.  I was assuming the role of victim.  I wanted someone else to take care of this for me.  Take care of getting me what I wanted.   I took a step back, big deep breath, relaxed.

In continually asking “what do I need to see” in a calmer manner, I got down on the floor to look at the base.   We put a piece of plywood down to protect our pine floors.  Then the circular tree stand sits on top of it.  My house is a 100 year old home and needless to say with all the settling the floors are beautifully uneven.  A WEDGE!  A WEDGE!  All that was needed was a tiny piece of wood to wedge the tree stand to be even!  To be balanced.  Here I was looking at (finding fault)what we were doing (or not doing).  Looking at the tree and finding fault.  All it needed was a tiny little support in the form of a wedge!

My Holiday lessons from the Christmas Tree are:

*imagine the sort of joy you want in sharing the Holidays
*recognize when “it’s” not manifesting
*recognize your labelling or the identity role your taking
*step back
*take a deep breath (even close your eyes) for as long as you need
*look for the simple things
*apply your “wedge”

My wishes for productive calmness as you continue in your Holiday everything…………


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