"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about."      - Anonymous From the latest issue of Healthy Wealthy nWise Chronicles!  Well worth sharing.( The Price of Children   -  Author Unknown The government recently calculated the cost of raising a child from birth to 18 years … Continue reading KIDS ARE A GOOD BARGAIN

The No Money or Mistletoe Gift……..hugs

With one of the most joyous times of the year upon us I have learned a valuable lesson from one of my teenage daughters.  Something that each and every one of us will be seeing a lot of in our lives over the next month…hugs. “Geesh”, I said to her as I hugged her and … Continue reading The No Money or Mistletoe Gift……..hugs


Of the many things that I am enjoying about being back in class are the doors that are opening in the way of knowledge. With a client asking information of me, one of my first resources is our instructor. In my last message to her I was inquiring about her knowledge of krill oil.  Her … Continue reading THE BATTLE OF THE CRUSTACEAN and FISH

One fish, two fish, good fish (oil), bad fish (oil)

Because Bad Fish Oil looks the same as Good Fish Oil…..there is always the fish oil freezer test………. I’d like to put the urgency of vit D aside for just a moment and talk about fish oils.  I can remember as a kid that even consuming a Mediterranean Diet we were routinely treated to the … Continue reading One fish, two fish, good fish (oil), bad fish (oil)


In coming back from my weekend retreat that included an intensive immersion class that is moving me forward in certification as a Holistic Health Specialist, we were exposed to and treated to  Iyanla Vanzant. As a Holistic Health Specialist we do look at the whole body for helping a client reach their wellness goals.  Unfortunately … Continue reading MONEY IS NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF

The smells of the season……

You have to admit, in addition to the beauty that we see and feel at the Christmas season the smells are like no other at any time of the year.  There is of course the smell of cedar and traditional once a year baking. Just something about the smells of Christmas in a home that … Continue reading The smells of the season……


So, here we are the day after our first preview and open discussion of  FOOD MATTERS and what a wonderful couple of hours it was.   We spent the first part of the afternoon listening to the incredible message of wellness and what we can do to feel and live better.  Then it was to sample … Continue reading After FOOD MATTERS


I started to read an article about the concerns of taking aspirin while taking anti-depressants. You can read it here.  Then curiosity set in, “Hmmmmm, how many people take these mood-stabilizing drugs?”  In doing the layer thing that was my next opened tab on my computer screen.  This is the “numbers” that I found. The … Continue reading Different

School Wellness……Perfection

In being honest with you all, from month to month I struggle with what to share.  Simply, because being on the “front lines” of health and wellness, I as well live your life.  I am well aware of the challenges facing many families; time management, health choices and keeping our families healthy, carving out quality … Continue reading School Wellness……Perfection