I started to read an article about the concerns of taking aspirin while taking anti-depressants. You can read it here.  Then curiosity set in, “Hmmmmm, how many people take these mood-stabilizing drugs?”  In doing the layer thing that was my next opened tab on my computer screen.  This is the “numbers” that I found.

The numbers although didn’t surprise me, what did, was that they were talking about addressing concerns with “mental problems with children”.  At the same time there was a side bar promoting a group The Balanced Mind Foundation.

Which of course lead me to the “what came first the chicken or the egg” thinking?  With the rates of degenerative disease on the rise in ALL ages, particularly with our youth, we are truly living in abundant society.  Abundant in the good and not so good.  When the balance is broken, disease occurs.

So where does one start?  How do we get a grip on our lives and our health?   I do believe that simplest and easiest way is with food.

*Good food, wholesome food, as close as possible to the source food.
*Food that does not come in a box or carton
*Food that in preparing takes more than 10min in the kitchen
*Food that has less than 5 ingredients
*Food that is full of color

Just spend the weekend thinking about these simple points.

           When you think different, you act different.  When you act different, you feel different.   And…….it just may all be for the better.

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