You’ll see what you see

As I came out of the gym this morning, which by the way, is another story in itself.

It was one of those mornings that tapping into “why am I doing this” there was much hesitation and resistance to even go.  I made the decision to, a choice to, do this whether I felt like it or not.  There are just some things that if we sit on the sidelines and do them only when we feel like it, they will leave us “fat broke and dumb”. I got there, did what I do at the gym and thoroughly enjoyed it.

This gym is located in the heart of our downtown area.  Across the street is a men’s shelter  For whatever reason that these men go here, for whatever life has dealt them, for all the choices that they made along the way…..they can spend the night, get a hot breakfast then be off on their day.  Often as I walk to my van there are request for some help in the form of cash.

This morning as I did my normal walk back to the van I noticed a penny on the ground.  RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SHELTER!  In that split second between when I saw it, gave thanks and picked it up I thought of the irony of the situation.  Here are men that are down on cash and right in front of their eyes The Universe is blessing them with abundance.  Why can’t they see it?  Don’t they see it?

This reminds me of a story I would read to my kids when they were little.  The Berenstein Bears Learn About Strangers.   Brother and Sister Bear each wore different glasses when they looked at the world.  Brother was cautious and guarded and Sister was “friendly to a fault”.  I do believe our world is all in the perception, the glasses you wear.  If you’re not seeing what you want, go shopping within yourself and in keeping with the principals of the Law of Attraction…….what do you want?  Imagine it, dream it and watch it manifest right in front of you.

In case you’re not familiar with the story, it is a happy ending with thanks to wisdom and guidance from Ma and Pa.

You WILL see what you see.

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