The smells of the season……

You have to admit, in addition to the beauty that we see and feel at the Christmas season the smells are like no other at any time of the year.  There is of course the smell of cedar and traditional once a year baking.

Just something about the smells of Christmas in a home that trigger warm memories; family, celebration, tradition and most importantly LOVE.    My teenage daughters still comment when they come in the door and it’s been baking day.  They love not only my final yes for them to test the baking, but also just the atmosphere that fills the air.

I am one that has, in an attempt to duplicate these memory triggers,used simmering pot pourri.  With a growing concern and focus on creating a healthy home environment my fragrant candle use is now kept to a minimum.  You can, as I have been for decades, make your own pot pourri.

With a small pot used only for this, fill it with water.  Add seasonal favourites which include nutmeg, whole cloves, cinnamon/cinnamon sticks, allspice, orange slices and as you are now adding lemons to your water daily, cut a few wedges and toss them in.  This mixture will purify the air while adding “down to your heart” comforting smells of the season.  This year I will try a few clippings of my cedars to see what happens.

“It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas……………..

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