Beyond the studies……cutting

Just as the perfect storm gathered last week within the environment, as well, the perfect storm within my walls was created.  Unlike the likes of Sandy and those just as powerful before her, my storm, I didn't see coming.  I had no idea. Winds, moisture, pressure, temperatures and even the moon, a merging of weather … Continue reading Beyond the studies……cutting

Your words and your health……

The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice. The way our children hear us talk to ourselves, can as well become their inner voice. It would be a lie to say that our children are not a mirror or image of ourselves. They have our genetics. Some children that even after years … Continue reading Your words and your health……

Lutein for “T T ‘n IB”

My apologies.  Many are familiar with the benefits of lutein in regards to our eye health and have been inquiring what the connection is to our skin. Although lutein is huge for eye health there are also clinical studies that show the value in it for skin elasticity, hydration and skin lipid content.  Skin lipids … Continue reading Lutein for “T T ‘n IB”

Teens Tweens ‘n In Betweens

With September being the new January.........Happy New Year.  Those with kids have now settled into "life before July" and as busy as it gets, you have to admit, it feels good.  Something has to be said about routine and the sense of purpose. This routine and sense of purpose PLUS homework PLUS activities is a … Continue reading Teens Tweens ‘n In Betweens