Teens Tweens ‘n In Betweens

With September being the new January………Happy New Year.  Those with kids have now settled into “life before July” and as busy as it gets, you have to admit, it feels good.  Something has to be said about routine and the sense of purpose.
This routine and sense of purpose PLUS homework PLUS activities is a reality of our kids lives and can lead to a stressed out “teen tween or in between”.  In knowing that this can be a smoother reality for them (creating a calmer world and better relationships for ourselves)  we have put together a few of our favorite tween/teen/in between approved survival products.
I thought I’d familiarize you with them in categories to which part of the health they target, but really whether it be the skin, energy, sleep patterns, weight, ability to focus, the body is one being and all are effected by the other.
Unless your “T,T n IB” (teen tween n in between) is eating every single meal at home and a serving of greens at every meal, the gaps need to be filled in naturally.BODYROX .  Other than the scientific specifics here, this supports your “T,T n IB” in the areas of skin with added phytonutrients and lutein.
Breakfast continues to be the most important meal of the day.  Start them off with stable even blood sugars.  So much of mood can be influenced by roller coaster blood sugars.  Watch your kids, notice how they talk and act when their “going for a blood sugar ride”.  *NUTRIMEAL  The one way to get them to try it, tell them that they can sleep and extra 15 min on account their fast and easy.  Their teachers will thank you when their the only one staying awake in class.
Which brings me of course to sleep.  The ways sleep helps growing teens are numerous.  With all the coming and going it can be hard for them to switch gears later in the day.  Pure and natural melatonin is safe for kids.  PURE REST.
The last area is of most importance to this age group……..looks.  It’s all about looking good.  The biggest concern with this is chemicals.  Personal care products are LOADED, THE WORST!!!!!  Most “T,T n IB” apply a minimum of three products every morning before they leave the house.  These are chemicals that penetrate the skin into the body causing toxifying effects.  Needless to say this does manifest in not only their health but also their behavior and lifestyle patterns.  Have a look in your bathroom cupboard at every personal care product.  Any ingredient that begins or has “parabin” in it is dangerous.  Chances are that there are at least 3 “parabins” in one product. There may be the likelihood that it doesn’t “say” parabin.  If this is the case and your product isn’t kept in the fridge, something much more dangerous is disguised in the labeling.  SENSE has that taken care of as well.  A couple of things to think about:  A) if you wouldn’t put it on a plate and feed it to your kids, keep it off their skin   B) problem skin can be treated with nutrition rather than harshness.  We treat our children with love and support, do the same here.
I wish you and your “T,T n IB” a happy new year filled with good health, good grades and loving relationships.

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