Crazy for Croquettes

As of late I have been crazy about croquettes. The biggest challenge for me in feeding a family is to get sources of protein into my children.  With my background as a competitive bodybuilder I can simply open a can of tuna or salmon or grab a cup full of leftover chicken or turkey on a bed of greens and call it a meal.  THIS does not work for kids!  You need to get creative.

I find the more I prepare recipes the more I personalize, customize and cook like a Nonna.  “At little of this, more of that, none of this, darn don’t have any of that, let’s try this in it, now that “feels” right.”

The basic ingredients are:

tinned tuna/salmon
leftover chicken or turkey (finely chopped)
cooked and mashed yams/sweet potatoes
onions (finely chopped)

Add ins could be:   finely chopped celery, kale, carrots, garlic
Seasonings:   cayenne, basil, parsley, paprika

It has been my experience that one egg to every 2 tins of fish or every 2 cups of chicken or turkey

How tos:  combine all your chosen ingredients in a large bowl.  THIS is the part that the kids will love to help with.  Talk about engaging the senses.   The consistency should be just so it sticks together.  This now needs to be refrigerated until chilled throughout.

With wet hands shape into a ball which is then dipped into a egg and water mixture, followed by a roll in bread crumbs; flattened the ball into a patty. This patty can be meal size or smaller for an appetizer.

I have cooked these in a healthy oil on the stove top (in a cast iron pan) and in the oven.  Which ever works for your timing.  They only take about 3 min on each side so don’t go to far.

Once their done, layer on paper towels.  Ready for a meal with side greens, serve with lemon wedges for fish and fresh prepared cranberries.  IF there are any left they can be easily frozen for a quick healthy breakfast, snack or another meal.

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