Stagnant Lymphatic system

I was left with a high level of curiosity after reading my daily “Health Tip”:

“Letting the lymphatic system become stagnant leads to impaired immunity and a degenerative process because the body is not able to properly cleanse and replenish.”        Martin Dayton, M.D., D.O.

Stagnant anything I knew is not a good thing.  Applying it to a system within the body therefore must not be good.  Egads, “impaired immunity”!  We need all the help we can these days.

To start with, the Lymphatic systems function is to move the fluid out of the tissue and back to the bloodstream.  Not only fluid but it helps to assist movement of materials into and out of cells.  Along with hormones, proteins and nutrients, this is the one you all will love, fats all get transported.

Although lack of exercise, improper diet, environmental toxins, trauma and infection cause a stagnant lymph system, the MAIN cause is stress.

A blocked/sluggish/stagnated lymph system becomes a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and even cancer cells. With a build up of toxins you may have noticed or experienced one of these symptoms:

*ill health

One comparison I read for the lymph system is to Cinderella.  It labors quietly day in day out, in the shadows cleaning out the system.

Considering that two thirds of lymph is normally derived from the liver and intestines, we’re back to my previous post on liver health AND considering stress is the main cause of a stagnant lymph system we’re back to another post on RWS (Rushing Women’s Syndrome – Dr.Libby Weaver)

So let’s look at some simple methods of getting our lymph system going. You guessed it, same ol same ol:

*exercise (exercise can increase lymph flow ten to thirty fold)

*healthy diet (fruits n veggies – fresh, frozen or NOT, beneficial oils, water.  AVOIDING processed and sugars)

*skin care (parabin free personal care products) REMEMBER: your skin is the largest organ, it absorbs any and everything which then needs to be processed by the second largest organ, the liver)

*supplementation (filling in the gaps for those days and times of the year when we have limited access to fresh organic foods.  Minimal liver/lymph health supplementation plan:  ESSENTIALS, BIOMEGA, HEPA PLUS

*manage your stress – identify, establish and practice daily the best stress busting habits that fit you.

I have just touched on this subject.  My goal is to get you thinking, be more aware of how, just like with your home or vehicle, your bodies systems are all connected.  One affects and effects another.

You will however be riding in this body for a longer period than you will occupy in your current vehicle or the current house you live in. …………

Take care of you.  You’re the only you you’ve got!

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