The News and Health

It’s been two months.  One evening there was a knock on my door.  Standing before me was a high school student canvassing.  As a fundraiser for his  hockey team he was selling subscriptions to the local newspaper.

My opinion on the newspaper and news is that I don’t subscribe to the worlds problems. I see it as  information/happenings in the world, gathered by others then sensationalized and plenty of drama added.  It’s all about the sale.  In also being the sort of person that focuses more on the good in people and the world it has been my choice to listen to the local news and call it quits at that.  I have chosen to not be “sold” on someone elses perception.  For those of you who can “take in” this sort of information and have it not affect you, I commend.  I suppose I lack a filter.

This boy impressed me.  He was personable and friendly.  He spoke with confidence.  He shared with much enthusiasm what his teams plans are.  I agreed to support him in his cause.  As I shook his hand I noticed that he was missing a few fingers. I never asked him about that fate but was impressed with him on a higher level.   Here is a kid that still reaches out.

So for the last few months I get my morning paper and in staying focused on my personal interests go right to the part that shares health information, a quick read of my horoscopes and on the weekends challenge my childhood favorite past time, the word search.

This morning however I chose to read the very disturbing story of  a local trial happening, the trial involving a child.

Within minutes I noticed how I felt.  Horrible.  I may as well have had a fast food meal and contaminated my body.  Just as the fats, salt and other chemicals that surge through my cells cause me to feel unwell, so does this information.

Experiencing this  reinforces my belief in how thoughts affect our health, the mind body connection.  Not only our thoughts but the thoughts of others.

Considering that the average person has between 12,000 and 50,000 thoughts per day, this has a huge impact on your health.  So today imagine your thoughts, thoughts of resentment, fear, anger, pain; how do they affect not only your health but your relationships.  Relationships  with yourself or others.  Recognize the un-wellness and take back the power.

After recognition take some action.  Write, draw, meditate, listen to your favorite feel good music.  Allow the energy to flow through and out.

As for me, as I look out my window, I will very soon see the world as a good place.  A loving and supportive place filled with good people and good things.

So now what do I do with my subscription?  I will full fill my commitment for another 3 weeks.  At which time I will exercise discipline in what thoughts I allow to expose myself to. 

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