The “Big C”

Anit- cancer.  Wow, that took a lot of courage for me to say aloud.  ANTI CANCER!  I’m sure you are as well, but perhaps on a different level.

Years ago I experienced an event that was physically challenging and inspiring; The Princess Margaret Weekend to End Cancer.  That was 10 years ago.  Here we are many years later and millions of dollars later and no closer.  Cancer is big business.

In order to participate we were required to fundraise $2000 each.  Fundraising is and has never been a problem for me.  With my solid belief in “asking”, “a community raises a child” and years of experience in co-ordinating major fundraisers for my daughters gymnastics club I rolled up my sleeves and with my team we did it.

I do remember asking one person at that time and was appalled at their reply.  They were a personal friend, worked in “health care” in a hospital setting, and experienced the big “C”.  She declined supporting me.  It was not me she turned down.  It was, in quoting her “the sexy disease” that she un-supported.  “WHAT”, I thought, just a thought because then for who I was, I’d dare not say it out loud.  “How can you just stand by and watch all these women deal with this.  We can make a difference”

I have attended the funeral of kids, loved ones.   Now I see young and old, men and women, bone, lung, ovarian.  Cancer is rampant.  In my mind I tried to find the common factor.

Anytime there is mystery and unknown, there is power.  The power is un-wellness.

Ten years have passed and well, although my heart aches for people in dealing with this, my knowledge however has grown.  From what I have seen, watched, heard and read creates hopefulness

So for now, I encourage people to take back their power. The power that is within their bodies, within their thoughts and within their daily choices.

Just a year ago I made a personal statement to myself, “I will no longer support in the way of finances “the big” research facilities towards cancer”.  It’s interesting how once we make a commitment that we are challenged.  “Are you suuuuure that’s what you stand for?  Let’s just see.” I was challenged by a request from a friend to purchase a product, with the funds going towards one of the big facilities.  With a deep breath, yep that breath that goes down to the gut, that breath that ignites my core and intuition.  I declined and briefly sited my reasons.  Today I took that same breath which lead me to the same answer.

I cheer you all on that are participating in runs and walks.  Not because of the money you’re raising but because of the camaraderie you’re creating with relationship building and taking action steps in improving your health which just may very well take you further away from “the Big C”.

In sharing:

*Don’t just increase awareness in finding cancer, increase awareness in preventing cancer! (




Think well, eat well, live well.

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