My Garden

Although we haven’t had much of a winter, I think it’s safe to say……..SPRING!  There was a small part of me wishing for just one more snow fall to cover my flower beds.  One more blast of winter to “buy me some time” until I could wake them from their slumber.

Much like kids and our pets, nature has many ways in which She speaks to us.  She was now “speaking” to me.  “We’re ready”.  “Hello, over here”.  “Ouch and yuck, do you see the weeds growing”?  An experienced gardener told me once that weeds will only grow where there is nothing.  Time to do, add “something”.  Interesting, even in our thoughts, if you don’t plant good and nurturing ones, what’s there?  Weeds.

With the first thought being focused on my health I am very grateful to have the energy and most importantly healthy joints.  There was a period not too long ago where I tore my meniscus.  During those six weeks I was left crippled, unable to do many if not all everyday things, let alone tend to my garden.  So determined I was to get out there, that to this day I have a pair of “garden track pants” that are a reminder.  The butt of them is grass stained due to that being the only way I was able to “get around”.

My Garden means a lot to me.  With deep thanks to my Dad I have grown up with a love for the outdoors.  We had the typical Italian garden, so did my Grandparents.  For years the only place that I thought pears, cherries, peaches, vegetables and garlic came from where A) the garden B) preserves.   Many if not all family gatherings for the months from Spring to Fall were held outdoors.

Many memories are in My Garden.  I prefer to stick to perennials, and perennials that are shared from and to others.  I have the ferns that David so graciously gave me the summer before he passed away, the Irises Julie gave me in support of Dad’s passing, the two snowballs trees that I planted marking Dad’s new journey in moving cities where he lived, the  100 year old maple that I refuse to chop down regardless how  close it is to my house, the mums that I dug out of a friends garden and got poison oak all over my lower legs, the lilac tree, 2 dogwoods (one which determinedly plant during the rain with my daughter) , the symbolic of a new journey in my life service berry, the Trilliums from a dear friends garden before the house was sold, forget me nots, fever few, hostas, ground coverings, two new cedars to embrace my home with clippings during Christmas, day lilies all shared or brought from our last home.  The pride of my garden; I call “cup flowers” as I am unsure of the botanical name.  These were given to me from a friends garden 11 years ago and although right now they are only a few inches tall will grow to 12-15 feet by midsummer.  As continuing to inspire me and fill me with joy as they grow, the “cup flowers” also bring a quiet busyness to my backyard as birds, butterflies and bees are drawn to them.

Whether I am alone or with my children sharing in this passion, My Garden as well is a peaceful place, a place of reflection.  There have been many mind weighing things have been sorted through, worked out.  Whether I have my Ipod on and listening to my fav author or just alone with my thoughts, it’s cheap therapy.

Just as your garden can benefit from attention all year, so can your health.  As well, all gardeners know that one of the many secrets is to have the right tools.  In planning and gathering for a busy season, stay tuned for a health regime that will sustain and energize your body for the coming season.


It has been said that there is magic in passion.

“When you’re following your energy and doing what you want all the time, the distinction between work and play dissolves. – Shakti Gawain, Pioneering Author & Teacher in the field of Personal Growth”

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