Whenever I awaken in the morning within 10 min, whether it is my sub-conscious or conscious mind, I do a body scan.  How am I feeling; my body, my spirit, my mind.

Thursday morning the results were tired.  Due to a late evening appointment, bed time was a off by a couple of hours.  I was relieved to finally assess that this weariness was due to being just a sleep deprived, nothing that a cup of java and a quiet morning didn’t solve.

As I went about my day what was interesting was my ability to stay focused on my health goal with the same determination as the previous three days.

Wednesday evening in addition to a consult with a client, I had a previous appointment.  Placed on the table of this meeting was a plate of yummies; those little one bite brownies and various cookies.  Even with being more of a morning person that tends to fade come 7 pm, I never even thought for one moment that I was missing something by not wanting to have one.

However, the very same temptations were presented to me the next day, the day of a bit of lack of sleep, and it took all the will power I had to resist.  It was the most tempting day of the week.  Fortunately, with having a plan, I brought my almonds and an apple, which I quickly retrieved from my bag.

When these situations present themselves we need to listen to not only the physical craving we are facing but also what our mind is saying.  You know that little devil on one shoulder and angel on the other, nattering in my ear.  Have you ever come so far in something that you quickly “look back” and think “I’ve come way too far to go back”?  Have you ever experienced the pain of regret?  I have with both of these.  THAT memory is what prompted me to make a good choice.

AWARENESS:  *  The mind, body and spirit are one   *sleep is important   *have a plan

Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.

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