The Gold Is Within

In winding up a three week health intention that was initiated by a friend I have two tidbits to share with you.

With being completely honest with you, the last two days before the weekend were disastrous!   Thursday started off well.  I left the house for a full day with all my snacks and healthy lunch packed.  It has been my experience in coaching people that although quantity and quality of the foods we eat lead to unhealthy lifestyles, a big culprit is time!  Being consumed in one task after another, it wasn’t until early afternoon did I realize that I missed a snack AND my lunch.  Realizing this I did manage to restrain from my typical “habit” of eating past 9 pm.  Friday unfolded the same way.  Some unexpected home repair emergencies, a last minute drive to Toronto, all by 10 am had the day unfolding in the same as the day before.  Grabbing an apple, oh gosh just grab another one!  Got to love this time of the year, at least the apples are local and how can you resist the Boy Scouts.

The outcome of these two days showed on the scale.  My body had gone into that conserve mode that I know so well.  “Hold on here, we’ve got to slow down a bit.  Not sure when some good stuff is coming in.  We’ll just go into conserve mode until it does”.  This manifestation on the scale will be short lived as I get back on track. The best way to describe how I felt Saturday morning was “toxic”.  You become so aware to feeling good, energetic, “clean”, that you recognize the difference and make different choces.

Ah ha!  This is the point I realized that most people lose it.  A couple of “off” days and it’s “that’s it, I’m done”.  BUT the real gold is in the mindset.  Recognition, awareness, refocus are the key words.  YOU CAN DO THIS!  As most people have had several attempts at one way or another, one program or another to get their health under control, we need to realize that there is an accumulation of knowledge gained here.  Flick the knowledge and experience button, tap into your greatness.

The gold is in the mindset and experiences.  The gold is within.

The other gold within is FLAXSEED.  In being made aware to the benefits of this little seed I purchased some a year ago and started to just toss it in my salads, oatmeal, etc.  WHOA!!!!  The gold is within.  In order to reap the benefits, it must be ground.  Otherwise it just becomes a good source of fibre ;)  There are numerous prepared products out there, bread/crackers that manufacturers throw some in and think they have created a healthy product.   It must be ground to release the gold.  The little grains you see are just going to go right through ya.  So my thinking was, let’s save some time, grind a whole bunch so it’s ready to go.  Nope, there are concerns with rancidity.

If you choose to supplement your “diet” with this tiny powerhouse, please do so with caution.  Do your homework.  Natural and organic of anything can be  toxic.

The gold is with the grinding.  The gold is within.

Which reminds me………the jar I have of flaxseed needs to be trashed as it is over a year old.  Ah, heck just get me my ESSENTIALS!

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