Koolaid To Kale

Although cooking is very much a “science” I see it as an activity that builds and supports health, relationships and families.


All the recipes I share  follow a personal criteria/guidelines and as in my Holistic Health Coaching practice, there is nothing that I wouldn’t share or suggest to you that I personally haven’t tried myself.


Close to the Source
Plan, shop, prepare and cook as local and seasonal as possible
Get Everyone Involved 
If children are involved in the above processes they are more likely to eat healthy
Cook Once Eat Twice 
Alias, leftovers reborn
Double Up
Most of these can be made in duplicate and frozen for additional meals
Fresh, Frozen, Not 
Eat fresh veggies – ALWAYS, eat frozen veggies – WHEN NECESSARY, canned veggies –  NOT at all (or at least minimal or seldom)


 Check out “TRIED AND TESTED HEALTHY COOKING IN THE KITCHEN” and tell us what your favorite recipe is!


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