Sugar free REALLY easy Strawberry (Rhubarb) Jam

As a seasoned fruit picker AND canner, I can appreciate the love through the gift of time that goes into home preserves.

I grew up where, although we didn’t grow everything, we did pick just about every fruit that could be found in our freezer over the long winters.  Living in the fruit belt of Ontario whatever was in season could be found just about outside the door.  If it wasn’t within arms reach, then a short drive can have you scoring a bountiful abundance of grapes, peaches, beans, peas, strawberry, pears, blackberries, blueberries, apples,etc……..

Hulling, peeling, blanching in my childhood memory was nothing short of a concentration camp sort of way to spend a summer.  With a production and assembly line well established hours were spent in the kitchen.  To be honest with you, it was quite enjoyable.

It wasn’t until I continued with harvesting my own wares as a young adult, did I realize exactly why Italians have the basement kitchen.  You get a couple of stoves fired up, both filled with anything boiling and cooking as well as jars being warmed it gets a little toasting in the middle of summer.


Recently I came across an idea, a recipe for strawberry rhubarb jam.  I was a skeptic.  It appeared far to easy.  I set out to test it.  I am here to tell you IT IS THAT EASY!  Not only is it THAT EASY, it’s good and SO GOOD for you.

With strawberries just outside the door, fresh frozen rhubarb in the freezer, organic honey in the pantry all it took was a quick trip to the grocery store for chia seeds and I was ready to go! 

So I give thanx to THANKFUL EXPRESSIONS for originally sharing this.  Pop on over there to catch the 4 simple ingredients……..  I doubled the whole thing with great results and am looking forward to………peach season!  

UPDATE: 2020 did only strawberries = magnificent!!



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