The Meaning of Success

success-11ffbt1Second chapter in and oh boy, Darren Hardy, you know how to ask the deep questions!!!  The last question you ask in Chapter 2  is up there with “what is the meaning of life”.

meaning of life

In receiving “The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster” I decided that I would treat this as a workbook rather than a read from front to back and then, ya right, go back and do the worksheets.

Now I can’t blame those of you who want to do the front to back thing.  What can be more exciting than knowing how to conquer the rollercoaster.  To know what your feeling and experiencing is “normal”.  To be armed with tools and courage to just keep going is exhilarating.  

I have gone through and identified “the crabs” in my life, I can clearly state the times when I have felt most successful-tangible results of success, I know what a successful day looks like.  BUT,   for two days I have been stuck on answering “my definition of success”.  

After pondering, reflecting on the answer to this, I realize that it comes down to one thing!  Feeling.  Success is a feeling we get when we accomplish something/get something.  What’s interesting is that I experienced some underlying guilt surface around this.  Whoa, interesting that that s$#% is STILL there.  

In the past I would then try to self analyse where this came from, whom to blame, what experience in life gave me this burden to carry.  

This was a short lived visit to guilt this time around and I said….”screw it, success makes me feel good”  

Winning Trillium awards makes me feel good
Serving in a soup kitchen makes me feel good
Driving a vehicle I’ve dreamed of makes me feel good
Buying gifts for others makes me feel good
Receiving love from meaningful relationships makes me feel good
Losing 5 pesky pounds makes me feel good
Lifting a record weight in the gym makes me feel good
Enriching conversations makes me feel
Daydreaming in nature makes me feel good
A glass of niiiice red wine makes me feel good
Burning sage makes me feel good
Hugs make me feel good
Travelling makes me feel good
Donating old clothes makes me feel good
Cooking healthy food makes me feel good

Starting and finishing something makes me feel good………..and this post was on the top of my to do list………..I……..AM……..A……..SUCCESS!

Rather than what does success look like, I ask you (as I continue to ask myself) what does success FEEL like?

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