The Slippery Slope to Sober In October

Continuing on my Sober in October.  Ya know, I was home alone this evening and yes I actually entertained the idea of having a hot milk (I don’t drink dairy but we have this organic grass fed milk at the co-op that is soooooo good) and a splash of Bailey’s.  slipper slope

Spending a moment thinking about the purpose of these 31 days, it not only a liver detox (I actually imagined -visualized, my liver) but as well “what do we do when nobody’s watching” thing.  How many times we say “I’m trying to watch what I eat” then we have a cookie or some other “forbidden”.  Then…..the slipper slope.  “I’ll start again tomorrow”. It’s not the cookie or “forbidden” that is the real damage, it’s the dent in our willpower.

I had the hot milk, with a dash of cocoa and cinnamon :)FullSizeRender

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