Good Bye Hump Day…….Hello What If Wednesday

what if

Poor Wednesday.  It gets such a bad rap.  Hump day!  If you’ve googled it you know you can get anything from camels to images just this side of porn.  

Perhaps being a middle child myself I can relate to this bad rap for Wednesday, the middle day.  I find it interesting to have it said to me on several occasions “oh you’re a middle child, you don’t seem like one”.  Whatever that means I guess I have managed to change the programming on that one.  All the while, Wednesday continues to be stuck in the middle of the week, halfway from where people have come from (Monday morning) and still halfway to where they want to be……the weekend.  

A random thought came to me this morning while I assessed my celebration of one week into Sober In October……..what if…….what if I hadn’t paid attention to some subtle signs of my body sending to me about needing a liver detox.  “What if” I had stayed in that toxic relationship?  “What if” I stayed at that dead end job? “What if” I skipped out on this mornings workout?  I’m sure the many people of 911 ask themselves everyday…….”what if” I hadn’t slept in that morning.  

“What if” can be magical.  It can send you to a place of hope, a place of peace and the place where you can simply keep moving to well, the weekend, if that’s as big as your thinking can take you right now.

I say we revolutionize and free Wednesday from hump day and give it the magical strength that no other day can own……#WhatIfWednesday  what if fall

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