Better or Bitter

Over the years I’ve briefly met people who’s hardship in life has made them hard.
“Suck it up”.
“I survived you can too”

I say briefly due to some point “the universe” takes the garbage out. Whatever situation paths crossed, this misalignment of energy goes by the wayside. Lessons learned, move along.
On the other side of the spectrum, I deeply admire when someone remembers “where they came from” and uses it to better others lives.
Our local junior “A” hockey team owner remembers his roots, where he came from and gives back to food banks. (

I couldn’t help smile when he spoke about carnation instant/powdered milk.

My dad was a single parent raising 3 girls. There were options for him in the 60’s which I never realized until adulthood as I spoke with others. Rather than fostering us out he (along with support from extended family) kept us together. He worked hard to fulfill the basics of life; roof over our heads and food on the table. Which included puffed wheat – I remember it well, Peter Pan in the BIG plastic bag and powdered milk. Of my two sisters, I made the best powdered milk. Carefully measuring water and powder. The real trick was to stir it while adding the powder – success – no lumps!!!!

And if, there ever was lumps, you drink em down, with belly full, off for the day.

Life always has the opportunity to make you hard……..but also, to extend compassion and understanding from experiences.

………you choose

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