1 braces for me
2 braces for Sammie

3 hot air balloon ride

4 1 month in Italy

5 skylight in stairwell

6 a huge diamond

7 $10,000 a month in residual income

8 vespa for Amanda

9 pick up truck for Sammie

10 sports car for Leah

This is fun isn’t it…….

11 floors replaced

12 stairs replaced

13 $1000 donation to St.Joseph’s Church

14 $1000 donation to Sisters of St.Joseph

15 $1000 donation to Lions Foundation Guide Dogs

16 Z4 black convertible

17 weekend in Chautauqua

18 Wellness Spa and Retreat B&B on 10 acres

19 vintage wine collection

20 kitchen redone with new cupboards, floor, counter

And this and this and this and this

21 fence replaced

22 stairwell and upstairs painted

23 affordability with ease of personal use 200 point autoorder

24 trip to California

25 go to MAC’s

26 Alaskan Cruise

27 rebuilt sun porch

28 new bbq

29 outdoor heaters for deck

Hmmm, now what?  Dig deeper into your heart

30 Hybrid Escalade with trailer hitch

31 Sanoviv visit

32 tickets for Gold medal hockey game at the Olympics

33 Anthony Robbins training

34 pop-up trailer 

35 chandeliers, chandeliers, chandeliers BIG ones

36 place setting for 12 of fine bone china

37 NIKON D 500

38 private lessons to use a D500

39 poured grey concrete front porch & stone steps

Sure add something for a loved one…….

40 2 mac computers for home

41 3 mac notebooks

42 cutco knives

43 stove from IKEA PRAKTFULLGas range with wall panel/extr hood

44 to see Coldplay live and front row seats

45 3 business centers at DIRECTOR

46 skate on the RIDEAU

47 see the Grand Canyon and Sedona

48 ride in a Gondola

49 have a housekeeper

50 learn to drive a motorcycle




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