Improve Overall Well-being & Life Satisfaction

If you don’t already know it…….whether your a vegetarian or flexitarian, we should all be consuming more legumes.
In quoting from a recent gift to me “Blue Zones Kitchen” –
                Since 2014, Fort Worth Texas has seen dramatic improvements:  a 31 percent decrease in smoking,                    a 17 percent increase in people exercising three times a week, and important gains in overall                             well-being and life satisfaction.

I want you to have a higher level of “well-being and life satisfaction”, I want to have a higher level of well-being and life satisfaction, I want you to consume more legumes, I want to consume more legumes. 

My biggest challenges have been several:

Canned: BPA cans and well, organic BPA can be pricey.
Dried: much more cost efficient but cooking *sigh*. We’re in a warm summer right now and having the stove on for hours heating up the house………no!

I do have a crock pot which is my go to. It’s a massive one that takes up a lot of counter space.  In the past I would have it run overnight in the basement.  Overnight would turn into later in the day and it wouldn’t be unit the fragrance would waft up from the basement would I remember about them.  By then, although consumable, their overcooked.  

Yesterday I purchased a second-hand tiny crock pot that holds just under a cup of dried chickpeas.  It has sat on my counter taking up minimal space cooking chickpeas to perfection!!!  
In planning out the meals for the week, page 81 in my Blue Zones book, same page that carries the quote above, there is a recipe for a yummy Meatless Monday…….Chickpea Falafel.  

Having this tiny crock-pot has made it SO much easier to eat healthy.  This week there’ll be chickpeas to season and roast as a great snack or add in for salad, ckickpeas to toss in pasta and Falafel!!!!!

Don’t give up on eating more legumes or preparing and eating healthier. 

Find what will make it easier and do it and start improving your overall well-being and life satisfaction!

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Gluten Free Chickpea Cake
Flourless Chickpea Cake
Curried Chickpea Wild Rice

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