This Granola Bar IS Better Than A Cookie

"They're not health food," said Jayne Hurley, senior nutritionist with U.S.-based Center for Science in the Public Interest. "They're basically cookies masquerading as health food."   Yep......couldn't agree with you more Ms Hurley.  Just in case you skimmed over the complete article, here are the comparisons: Indeed, one 46-gram package of peanut butter Nature Valley … Continue reading This Granola Bar IS Better Than A Cookie

Ridiculously Delish Salad

Named after by my kids, RIDICULOUSLY DELISH SALAD, which is all about………… granola. Before we get into the “what is it” “how does it taste” “how can I use it” part, let me ask you:  how many of you out there are still purchasing and consuming granola or bars on a regular basis?  That many … Continue reading Ridiculously Delish Salad