Get Naked

Go bare!!!! Get naked!! Ladies, shed the polish once in a while. Your body is speaking to you.

Ha! And who says sex doesn’t sell.

I’ve been there! It starts as fatigue, slower recuperation, low energy, poor sleep, lacking mental clarity not to mention in ability to manage stress.  OR is stress the root of this evil?  Regardless,  BANG!  White spots on nails.

“Beautiful glowing hair, skin and nails are outward signs that ample nutrients are available at the cellular level. When nutrients are in short supply, the body shifts resources from the extremities to the inner organs, and hair and skin may suffer. Acne, blemishes, and cracked dry skin are the body’s way of illustrating nutrient imbalance or deficiency. Monitor your skin, hair and nails, and make dietary adjustments to improve nutrition to maximize health”


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