Impromptu Living

A YouTube clip appeared at my inbox this morning that got me thinking, a slight mourning for the current generations.

If you were raised in the 60’s along with being told to “look it up in the dictionary” or knowing to come home when the street lights came on you may have also shared with your children how many miles you had to walk to school. All up hill!

This video clip got me thinking about impromptu living. A time where most people rolled with the punches, rolled up their sleeves and did what they had to do to get what and where they wanted. A time where we were prompted by the occasion, rather than the perfect plan. Being able to address the unexpected.
Perhaps you can recall an occasion or two where at the very last minute plans were made spontaneously. You went or did and had the most fabulous time.

A lot of people I’ve been talking to lately have this yearning for freedom…..time freedom. Even young graduates in looking for a position/job, appear to be, by some standards “wanting it all”. The job, the time the money.

What if as a species we were wired for a little more than the rat race? What if as a species we are wired for spontaneity? What if you threw away a couple pages of “the script”. I’m all for “to-do” lists, but what if it was just a little smaller?

There are no retakes in life, once the reel of film is done, its done.

The other “place” this clip took me is laughter. Rather than laughing at someone, how about taking a step back, out of body experience sort of thing, look at your life. Would you laugh………or cry?

And lastly, who is in your circle of 5??? It is said that you are as successful as the 5 closest people to you. I’m going to say that your as happy as the 5 closest people to you. The Carol Burnett show ran for 11 years. I’m sure there were “dynamics” behind closed doors but the cast of 5, Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, Lyle Waggoner, and Tim Conway, always did what they had to do……..brought a little impromptu life from Mama’s House to ours.


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