Be Happy Where You Are

Monday morning. Typically a hit the gym day, buuuuuut, we’ll switch up the outdoor trainings and gym days a little this week.

I’ve been thinking that it’s been a while since I’ve had anything to share Not that life’s been boring or anything. Perhaps I’ve been in a period of months “filling up the glass”.

Yesterday unbeknownst to me, I was the recipient of a stream of conversations on twitter from some young ones. Oh my gosh, whining and complaining about “Hamilton so fuckin boring”. What’s ironic about this is that in running into a friend at a local food co-op, there it was, her t-shirt: “you can do anything in Hamilton”.


I have my own (strong) opinions about parenting today and the level of helicopter parenting that leads a generation into being ungrateful, un satisfied and un tapped into their own ability to not only make good choices, but also amuse themselves. Not too mention waaaay to much drama! That is not the focus of this post.

Rather it’s a reminder:
You cannot, simply will not, ever, get anything more out of life if you can’t deal with what you currently have or where you currently are!

So, quit your whining………..and MAKE IT a great day!

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