The Battle of The Celery

And so, the battle of the celery between myself and my one daughter continues. About 3/4 of the way through the winter, THE WINTER of 2014, #deepfreeze2014, my daughter suggests to me that we are going to get cheaper celery.  With using 4-6 stalks a day in our juice she decided that paying $3.49 a … Continue reading The Battle of The Celery

Sugar free REALLY easy Strawberry (Rhubarb) Jam

As a seasoned fruit picker AND canner, I can appreciate the love through the gift of time that goes into home preserves. I grew up where, although we didn't grow everything, we did pick just about every fruit that could be found in our freezer over the long winters.  Living in the fruit belt of … Continue reading Sugar free REALLY easy Strawberry (Rhubarb) Jam

Crazyhorse For Crazy Healthy

  One of the best things for me in being a part of TMS (The Mustard Seed)  team is seeing many of you in the store and chatting about, of course, food.  I am personally working my way around and up to and trying everything in the store (talk about fun).  Let's face it, word of … Continue reading Crazyhorse For Crazy Healthy