A Crumby Cookie

As I consumed, notice how I say consumed rather than enjoy; consumed because really, it was a mass produced cookie. A cookie that went against what I prefer to feed my body. There were probably more mechanical “hands” than human that “touched” the “making” of these cookies.

Remember when you were a kid and offered a cookie, piece of pie or cake,  you’d scan over which piece to choose. The decision was made on THE biggest piece or what there was more of your favorite thing in. So if you’re thing is raisins, then the most loaded oatmeal raisin cookie would be snatched.

As these cookies were manufactured as flax seed cookies that’s precisely what I exercised…….my right to choose the most loaded cookie. It was a hard decision, they all looked so different!

Then my inquisitive mind took over…….”Hmmmm, I wonder. I wonder if the same amount of flax seeds were in each cookie.” I grabbed two more to dissect.
It was my hope to have both cookies have different amounts of flax seed. I was my hope to then use this as a visual to better define a term that most people don’t understand when I speak to them about pharmaceutical and food grade in choosing nutritional supplements. You see food grade is ok, I suppose, IF you’re looking at cookies.  They need to only fall into a range.
Pharmaceutical grade on the other hand, when it comes to nutritional supplements is a MUST HAVE level of manufacturing. Not only do you not want any extra ingredients in them that your body won’t use or worse, your body won’t recognize BUT you do want in them what you’re looking for. Chances are that you’re turning to supplements to address a specific health concern, to fill in your diet with nutrition. This is a grade that is not only backed by science and research but also by a manufacturer agreeing to AND participating in and adhering to stringent third party testing.

I’m guessing the manufactures of these cookies expected someone like me to come along and spend a couple of minutes dissecting their cookies……just to see. And I must say that they have their machines set to precisely add 36 flax seeds to each cookie. (I’ve grouped them in 3’s, count them yourself ;>) So they did pass that test, however, by my standard, there were far too few flax seeds versus cookie “stuff” to make this a healthy cookie.  Could they not have put just a little more in?  Maybe even 40!  You could easily take your favorite homemade cookie and add substantially more flax seed to up the nutritional value. And remember to grind your flax seed as you need it, the really good stuff is inside the shell.  IMG_1943

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