Mexican Zucchini Burrito Boats – and beyond

               Look at us getting all creative with yet another zucchini idea.
I do love and think it’s important to eat local

NOTE: we left a little more “meat” on the shell, thus it took a longer time to cook

and local right now is lots of zucchini.  It was kind of funny actually, I thought anyhow…..being Italian, Sunday is usually sauce day, yet I found my daughter texting my other daughter who had a request for me.  She was telling her “mom’s busy making burritos”.


I scored a couple of yard sale finds this summer that are helping with the zucchini crop this year; mandolin and a spiralizer.  Although the zucchini pasta is nice I’m always looking for a way to get just a bit more protein in AND we’re looking to go a bit more meatless.



If I was to name this I would call it Burrito Boats and Beyond.  Beyond on account…….just picture (and taste) it:

*a quick lunch wrap
*filling for quesadilla
*snack size nestled in the crooks of a stick of celery
*bread wedges toasted with a spoonful on top

Like most of the meals I prepare, follow the “cook once eat twice” rule.  The single recipe filled 8 zucchini boats.  Today, in setting up for the week, I made a double batch.  It’s going in the freezer in meal size portions and voila, eating healthy just got easier.




Source: Mexican Zucchini Burrito Boats

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