Hi Frewends

In the glow of the early morning, under the shine of a small light, a note sits on my counter, the paper may fray and fade over years, but typed here they will last forever……just like a love ❤️

Today is one month since I went to heaven. I’m seeing so many cool people.

Quilo was here waiting for me and another black lab name Oscar. Oscar was a real dog guide for someone you knew named Alex.

We’ve been playing on the grassy hills and eating lots of strawberries together.

Grampa Ucci is here too! He sits on a lawn chair and shells peanuts for the squirrels. This makes all the squirrels come, and me and Quilo and Oscar come and chase them away and sometimes snack on the peanuts! Did you know peanut butter comes from peanuts!? Their most delicious!

You were so sad the day we said goodbye but don’t be sad forever because I’m not so achy anymore and I’m visiting you all the time! You didn’t know I was sick but if you did you worried too too much. I spent the last few days getting treats and snuggles and that’s all a fellow like me wanted. Thanks hoomans!

I’m so glad you got a new puppy. Naples is so much fun! Sometimes I visit him at night and then we bark at each other…….sworry if we wakeded you up! I was telling him about munching on the deck when his teeth are wiggly, so don’t be mad if he chews the deck, that’s my fault. I also told him to be nice to Ali cause she misses me, but the mousies have kept her busy.

Thank you for being my hoomans for 12 years. You were the best hoomans a dog could ask for. This is what I told Naples, be a good puppy Naples because then they give you lots of tasty treats and love!

I cannot stay because I’m a busy dude. I’ve been visiting Auntie Diane and Cedar, and Dan, Amanda and James. Dan is a sneaky boy who sneaks treats for us when Amanda and James aren’t looking – don’t tell them though – it’s our secret. Dan told me that he can’t steal anymore chicken breasts for us though because then he has poopy crate explosions – which is ALWAYS my cue to leave.

I promise to leave you stinky farts and tail banging noises and I will visit Ali once she finishes her mousie hunt of 2019.

Big Doggo Kisses 🐾…….Iggy

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