Italian Dressing

I’m done with looking for the tiny piece of paper with this dressing recipe……

Cool, 1/3 of it is spices!
Of course, more of a something less of something, to your tastes:

225 ml. Salad oil

50 ml. Vinegar

5 ml. Salt

2 ml. Onion sake (I used powder)

2 ml. Oregano

1/2 ml. Thyme

50 ml. Lemon juice

10 ml. Sugar

2 ml. Dry mustard

2 ml. Paprika

1 ml. Garlic clove crushed (lol 1- I use 4!)

All in a jar. Seal it. Shake it. Put it in the fridge.

With a salad everyday this baby lasts almost 2 weeks

Use as well for : add in to tuna or toss in your favourite summer pasta.

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