Seeds of Intention

While in our Saturday Training this past week, the team participated in an exercise; planting seeds of intention.

I chose this exercise for several reasons.  1) I am an active person, always have been, always will be.  Through my certification as an E.A (Educational Assistant) I recognized the many ways to learn.  This brought comfort to me personally.  I am sure if I was in school now there would be some level of ADD diagnosis.  This was something I personally fought for years. My learning style is Kinesthetic.  I now embrace it and use it to my advantage in growing my business.  2) I am  also a lover of nature and am inspired by the mysteries.

After listening to “The Strangest Secret” and hearing Earl Nightingale talk about the farmer planting corn and nightshade and seeing the comparison to the human mind I thought this would have been the perfect exercise.

To start the group was instructed to list 50 “things” they want, desired and deserved!  Oh gee easy you may say.  The very first time I attempted this I was stumped.  Stopped in my tracks at about 15!  We’ll save  the “whys” and “programming” behind this and people for another time.

After a bit of time and a little prodding they did it!  Great and phew!

One by one they each came up; a scoop of dirt in the pot (clean fertile soil, just like the mind).  In handing them a seed (a bean seed was used) they were to share one intention from their list of 50 and together we celebrated and planted the seed.

Here we are, four days later; an update on the seeds of intention that was sent to the group:

Good morning group. Thought I would touch base with you on our Saturday activity. Firstly, thank you once again for trusting me in not only sharing your intentions but also for trusting me in the care of your seeds of intention.
I have gently misted them all week. I felt that a complete dousing of water might shift them around causing their roots to not hold.
As I mist them I think of each and every one of your intentions and smile. May everyday you come just a little bit closer.
(Let’s look at some similarities between the seed and your business) In looking at them this morning I see no sprouts; I continue to water them. Are you still connecting and sharing even through a few “no’s”. In looking at them this morning as the sun warms the damp soil I see no sprouts; I dare not pull them up, just to have a peek, just in case.
Remember what you planted!? A seed. Just as the farmer plants an apple seed, he gets apple trees. You each planted a seed of intention, how can ANYTHING different happen?
Continue to believe, trust, have faith.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. – Marianne Williamson  (READ THAT AGAIN)

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