nudgeHere we are the morn of a New Year.  Everyone has an insight to share as we step boldly into a place you have never been before.  Or have you?

Have you ever experienced a situation and wondered “are you kidding me. AGAIN”?!

Same situation same outcome.  I know I have.  It starts as a poke.  Progresses to a nudge.  Then finally, if you haven’t been paying attention it becomes a figurative brick being thrown at you.  Your health has plummeted, a relationship is beyond repair, finances doomed.

A nudge requires your attention.  My message for 2013 is PAY ATTENTION TO THE NUDGE!

Are you thinking about the same resolution today as you have in the past?  That’s a nudge.  Take care of it and stay away from bricks.

Of my many nudges I most recently had yet another one.

We use the bbq all winter and for several reasons Ive been thinking about trying to take the baking outdoors.  Having a standard size oven there are occasions when my time could be cut in half, if only I could bake with the bbq. Then there are times when, heck you just want to try something new.

Funny how when we’re to scared to try something we’re just nudged in that VERY direction.

After yet another intense Christmas baking year, my oven decided to act up.  Having a batch of cake batter made and ready to go I needed to do something.  Yes, I have several willing and always ready to help neighbors BUT I recognized this situation for what it was……A NUDGE to try something new.   Something I had been thinking about, a direction I wanted to go.

Fearlessly into the dark of my deck with the heat of the bbq melting the snow close by, the two pans of batter were placed on the racks where after 20 min I was presented with well baked chocolate birthday cakes.  The next night, garlic knots and pita crackers were made!

So, once again, I repeat, PAY ATTENTION TO THE NUDGES in your life.  You can and you will, with ease of resistance be better, stronger, wiser from them

Be well, be happy, today and throughout 2013!

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