This Ain’t Your Nonna’s Workout

Even as she aged and hands crippled with arthritis, my Nonna was tough! She was one strong cookie without ever walking into a gym.

Her body was strong as she seeded, planted, tended to and harvested the garden. Jars and jars of fruit and vegetables were preserved as well as sausages made. These, all done, in between doing laundry in a wringer washer. Lol! Remember those!!!

If there was ever a family celebration that had out of town or country visitors, they’d be housed and tended to at Nonna’s in comforting bed and breakfast style.

Being immigrants there has to be something said for the connection of strength in the spirit and strength in the body. Another never ending battle of the chicken before the egg thing.

You don’t have to start a new life in a new country to get this strength. The new strength that people are seeking in character, spirit and body can be found by putting on the gloves.

If you looking for something new, something challenging, something to break the ho hums of your current workout……puuuuut em up!


Strong and healthy is the new skinny!!!

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