We Still Haven’t Found What We’re Looking For

We launched the Co-op’s membership drive less than five months ago, and since then we’ve made incredible progress! We already have over 500 Members and over $200,000 raised in capital.  Our Location Team has been working hard to find the right home for The Mustard Seed.  Unfortunately, this has been a much more difficult process than we had anticipated. After negotiating for an ideal site since February, the landlord returned our deposit this week and said that the space will not be available.  The Team has once again regrouped and is now exploring two other options in order to find a home for the Co-op.  To our growing Founding Membership, thank you for your patience and confidence through this search! We want to keep you in the loop about what has been happening, and why it’s taking so long.

What we’re looking for

Our goal is to find a

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DETOXING. Care For Your Liver STARTS With The Skin

Such a great awareness about detoxing is happening, its no wonder.   Not only with liver disease on the rise, but people simply want to feel better. There was a time when, years ago, upon hearing a diagnosis of liver disease the "himm's" and "ahh's" would happen whether they be spoken outright or the inside … Continue reading DETOXING. Care For Your Liver STARTS With The Skin

Sqatting, It’s Not A Spectator Sport

"Good things come to those that wait"???? I thought as I stared at the squat rack this morning. Are you kidding me! I could sit there and just look at it and visualize squatting my weight. Having squatted close to 200 pounds and only weighing 145 in my day, I'm good at that. The feel … Continue reading Sqatting, It’s Not A Spectator Sport