Where Is Your Promised Land

As we approach "hump day", Wednesday, this Wednesday in the middle of Holy Week is a chance for me to catch my breathe as a busy Triduum looms just one sleep away. In being so privileged to lead/host our community last night at the Seder, I have a reflection to share. Where is your promised … Continue reading Where Is Your Promised Land

This Ain’t Your Nonna’s Workout

Even as she aged and hands crippled with arthritis, my Nonna was tough! She was one strong cookie without ever walking into a gym. Her body was strong as she seeded, planted, tended to and harvested the garden. Jars and jars of fruit and vegetables were preserved as well as sausages made. These, all done, … Continue reading This Ain’t Your Nonna’s Workout

Internships, Kinda Like A Crap Shot

With youth unemployment at record rates and well above our countries average, internships do nothing but benefit the "employer" with having this age group, basically,  working for free. Youth under the age of 24 have an unemployment rate at 16.5. That is more than double the rate of 6.3 for the over 25's. Would YOU … Continue reading Internships, Kinda Like A Crap Shot

Remembering Dad

Four years ago today, but of course it was March 13th.  It was a Friday my kids reminded me as they awoke.  Friday the 13th.  "Ah pay no attention to that silliness" I told them.  "In Italy, it's good luck". I started the day on top of it.  In control and feeling good.  It was … Continue reading Remembering Dad

If it weren’t for diabetes……..

As March approached, I started this blog, then stopped. March has had a history of being a particular "hard" month for me. (which NOW, in hind site, from my ever so observant daughter, is connected to my vitamin D levels). It wasn't until last night as I "coached" (as best a mother can) one of … Continue reading If it weren’t for diabetes……..

A Little Soda With That Cereal?

Mountain Dew, WHICH is manufactured by PepsiCo has come out with this great (?) idea. Can't say I blame them.  With a higher level of awareness to the importance of breakfast, turn to your mom (dad) and tell them "you were right"; disposable income that teen, tweens and in-betweens appear to have and WHO doesn't … Continue reading A Little Soda With That Cereal?